Thank you for all the wishes and compliments. All these words are great encouragement and kept my photography passion going.  
    Danny & Jane - SMS ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : October 5th, 2011
Wow!! The pictures are great. Thanks alot Darren..
Link: Danny & Jane's Wedding Gallery
    Christopher & Rena - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : February 26th, 2011
Great shots and beautiful pictures... as usual from you Darren.
Thank you for the service and great work done by you... no words to describe our emotion when we look at the pictures... simply superb... our whole family were astonished with your shots.
I never seen this word used perfectly.. a picture is worth a thousand words, untill we saw your pictures...
From the day we saw your work, whenever anybody ask to us to recommend a photographer, we only will refer to you... nobody else! I think few of them have contacted you already..
Thank you again Darren... really appreciate the memorable pictures you have given us...
Link: Christoper & Rena's Wedding Gallery
    Leonard & Louise - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : January 22nd, 2011
Thank you so much Darren & Alex! We love all the photos, you guys were punctual and very professional, we definitely will not hesitate to recommend MagicalShots to everyone we know =)
Link: Leonard & Louise's Wedding Gallery
    K.C & Pei Khee - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : December 26th, 2010
Thank you so much Darren!
Totally love the pics, especially 17's album!
Link: K.C & Pei Khee's Wedding Gallery
    Jasmit & Amy - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : September 10th, 2010
The photos are awesome bro.... Very very very Excellent job done!!!
Amazing and mind blowing shots. Can't wait to see the whole works. Great job done Darren. Thank You once again.
Link: Jasmit & Amy's Wedding Gallery
    Devendran & Amutha - SMS ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : November 24th, 2010
Thank you so much, great photo shots. Enjoyed viewing.
Link: Devendran & Amutha's Wedding Gallery
    Arvin & Shini  - Facebook comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : August 15th, 2010
We not only like you for your awesome photography and skills; but love you for the honest, courteous and friend in you.. if it wasn't for you; we would have spend a bomb in getting a 2nd and 3rd photographer and many other unnecessary items..Thanks a million for capturing the moments of our life..i feel like everything just happened last night; every time I flip the album although 1.5 years has passed beautifully.. - ArvinShini-
Link: Arvin & Shini's Wedding Gallery
    Nilesh & Vimala  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : May 29th, 2010
As we have told you before..AWESOME WORK..we couldn't have been happier with our wedding shots... From the bottom of our hearts..THANK YOU!!!
Link: Nilesh & Vimala's Wedding Gallery
    Palani & Yogeswari  - email ( link to blog )
Engagement Date : April 3rd, 2010
We both wanna say thank you for the beautiful work u have done for us especially all the emotions that were captured. Our families and friends are saying its nice over and over again :p. and I also have a few people asking for your details :D. So all the best for more work and a great one!
Link: Palani & Yogeswari's Engagement Gallery
    Simon & Jazree  - SMS ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : December 29th, 2009
Hi Darren, thank you for delivering my album to my Ipoh house. Received in good condition. My family extremely happy with your photo especially my mum. She say the picture captured was full with emotion, joy and everyone look so happy! Thank you Darren for making my big day in such a wonderful and memorable event to be remember.
Link: Simon & Jazree's Wedding Gallery
    Ravin & Sherine  - email ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : January 10th, 2010
how are you? just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the pics, each of them is nice, and everyone who sees the album compliments your work! thanks again,
Link: Ravin & Sherine's Wedding Gallery
    Agnes & Leong  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : November 18th, 2009
Appreciate all the joyous, fun moments captured by you. You are great in what you are doing! And definitely will recommend you to friends in future. We are so lucky to have you in our big day! Thanks again!
Link: Kim Leong & Shio Li's Wedding Gallery
    Vee & Lynn  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : October 25th, 2009
Thanks alot for such a wonderful job done, capturing all the special moments during my wedding and receptions...All the photos are so beautiful and it reminds me alot of every single moment.(Have been viewing my photos everyday since i got it from you...hehe) Have had many compliments on your work...No regrets going with my first choice too...hehehe...Will definitely be recommending you to others for future events...Thanks alot again
Link: Vee & Cher Lynn's Wedding Gallery
    Veronica How  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : September 19th, 2009
It was nevertheless a beautiful wedding! Most importantly was that every moment was captured amazingly by you. Thanks so much!
Link: Antoine & Yvonne How's Wedding Gallery
    Loges & Vishal  - Thank you card( link to blog )
Wedding Date : August 30th, 2009
Vishal & I wanted to say a very big thank you for your professional services, amazing photos & for being there on our special day to capture all the important moments! Its been great working with you & you are top on our list for future recommendation. Thanks a lot for everything.
    Hisham & Dilla  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Reception Date : October 18th, 2009
Wow!! The photos were amazing and full with stories and joys..Every single photos we saw keep us continuosly smiling and even showing our teeth..hehehe..Definately you are the choosen one who keep our memories live.
Sincerely Thank you Darren for your great artwork..

Link: Hisham & Dilla's Wedding Reception Gallery

WengBin & Song Yen  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : October 4th, 2009
We love your pics so much. Thanks for capturing every moments which is so memorable. Will definitely recommend U to all my friends ^^
Link: WengBin & Song Yen's Wedding Reception Gallery

    NurHazira  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : January 24th, 2009
Hello Darren!!
I don't believe they are married until now have to believe something..that they will see their photos every night
and I'll hear something every night..again and again...
"I Love My Photo! I Love my Wedding! & I Love This Day!"
and today....
They are waiting for their BABY
Thank you for giving us an amazing memories and I'll never forget the day because we have your amazing photos!

Link: Yusof & Hanis's Wedding Gallery
    Sophia & Murali  - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : July 4th, 2009
Darren, we love our pictures!Thank you so much for capturing all the laughter, the light moments and as well the heart warming ones...Looking at the pictures really brings us back to the day itself...absolutely lovely! Thank you once again for everything...
Link: Sophia & Murali's Wedding Gallery
    Lee Weng & Sook Ling - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : March 9th, 2009
Thank you so much for your good efforts for our wedding. We knew that we would never go wrong for having our trust in you, as you have great passion for photography. Itís such a great joy seeing someone passionate of their works. We have received goods remarks for both the photos and montage. Some friends even repeatedly browse and re-look into the our photos in the website. Thank you for your hard work, humility and honesty. God bless your hands.
Link: Lee Weng & Sook Ling's Wedding Gallery
    Kim - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : May 10th, 2009
Simply marvelous!! I'm sure my 'boh' will be very pleased...(thanks for saving my ear for not being 'plucked'..haha..).
Two thumbs up for you, Darren.

Link: Kim & Jess's Wedding Gallery
    Mr & Mrs Kesavah - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : March 21st, 2009
You did a great job, Darren!& your service is great!
Thank you for your wonderful work!

Link: Kesavah & Kayathri's Wedding Gallery
    Alvin & Charlene - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : March 7th, 2009
Hi Darren, what a magic shots that have done by you, thank god that i have you on my big day!! Really appreciate that for all the sweet and happy moments that you captured, you are far better than anyone else. All of my friends and my families love the photos too, it's incredibly pretty & nice. Cheersssss
Link: Alvin & Charlene's Wedding Gallery
    Carolyn Low - BLOG comment ( link to blog )
Wedding Date : June 21st, 2008
When I met Darren, I was confident that he will make my wedding an unforgettable memorial. At the end, I was right. The photos taken are well-praised by my family members, and they learnt something new and different from professional. Specially I like the last few shots which I threw the bouquet flower to the bridesmaid, it made me feel cheerful and happy to pass my blessing to the next bride-to-be. Thanks, Darren. It is more than words can say.
Link: Carolyn & Wing Kang's Photo Gallery