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Comment from: Shiraz Chanawala
Freat shots as usual - looks like you have used the 14-24 more then usual. I love this lens but the distortion on wide at the edges is sometimes inconvenient. I have heard of software that can correct for this - am investigating and will let you know.
12/11/09 @ 04:45
Yes Shiraz, when I first got the 14-24 lens, I intend to sell it off. But if I use it correctly, this lens can produce some outstanding effect. This lens is extremely useful especially when I have limited space to move around.
12/11/09 @ 23:43
Comment from: kim leong & shio li
Hi Darren. Appreciate all the joyous, fun moments captured by you.
You are great in what you are doing! And definitely will recommend you to friends in future.
We are so lucky to have you in our big day!
Thanks again!
Wish you a happy new year 2010!!!

12/16/09 @ 23:51
It's my pleasure Kim Leong and Shio Li and it's my honor to capture those moments. Thanks to you too. :)
12/19/09 @ 00:59