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Darren Tan [Member]
Oh really? I taught all this compact cameras which can interchange lens are categorize as micro 4/3. Thank you for correcting me. Thank you for visiting my work.
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js-chong [Visitor]
Hi Darren, just to correct you that Sony NEX-5n is not a "micro 4/3" but a mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor. &#59;) This shot looks like a 16mm to me, good one! :O0
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google [Visitor]
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nisha [Visitor]
:yes: i like it
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In response to: Accolade of Excellence

Darren Tan [Member]
Thanks Christopher..I should be thanking you for giving me the opportunity to capture such great moments. &#59;)
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In response to: Accolade of Excellence

Christopher [Visitor]
Wooow!!!! Superb Darren!! CONGRATULATIONS!! n thank u for sending one of our wedding shots...we know that this is one of ur favorite shots...really awesome n really proud of u...u totally deserve it...good luck for all the future competition that u may enter...keep up the beautiful shots... ;-)
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In response to: My 7th Baby, Nikon D4

Darren Tan [Member]
err... is actualy the other way round. What D4 can't do that D7000 can do?

*D4 can't fire flash on its own. D7000 can. :icon_pray
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ccting [Visitor]
Wow.. D4. What D7000 cannot do that D4 can do??
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In response to: Wedding of Charles & Alison

alison [Visitor]
loved all the photos... :)
each of them are beautifully shot..
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Ravien [Visitor]
hi darren. i will be having my post wedding dinner on the 28th of january. will you be able to make it on that day. please also quote me a price. its only for dinner. please contact me 0163796970.
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In response to: Wedding of Navin & Shamini

Darren Tan [Member]
My pleasure worries, lips sealed :O0
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In response to: The Result Is Out!

Darren Tan [Member]
Thank you so much &#59;D
Competitions is a good learning ground. I still have lots more to learn.
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In response to: The Result Is Out!

js-chong [Visitor]
Congratulation! You deserve that! &#59;)
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In response to: The Result Is Out!

shamini [Visitor]
hey darren,

Great news..congratulations and best wishes for the future!! Happy New Year
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In response to: No.3??..Yup No. 3

Darren Tan [Member]
Thanks Shamini &#59;)
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In response to: No.3??..Yup No. 3

shamini [Visitor]
Hey Darren,

Congrats on your new born princess..
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In response to: Wedding of Thina & Dashni

Archana [Visitor]
The shots are natural and priceless!
Dash & Thina 's wedding reception shots were magically captured!
Awesome skills there, Darren!
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Ramani [Visitor]
A job well done Darren :O0 The pictures are so lovely! Both Dash & Thina looks great.. their special moments are captured beautifully!!!
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Jaz [Visitor]
The dinner venue captured is awesome!
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In response to: First Post Of The Rat Year

Joe Suntoro [Visitor]
I am impressed with your creativity.
Just want to know, what software do you use for post processing?
Hope to hear from you soon.
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DLSL Photography [Visitor]
You magically captured their blissful expressions so beautifully. Amazing!
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In response to: Wedding of K.C & Pei Khee

Darren Tan [Member]
Thanks Pei Khee. I am glad that you like the photos.
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KC & PK [Visitor]
Thank you so much Darren!
Totally love the pics, especially 17's album! :D
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In response to: Wedding of Leonard & Louise

Darren Tan [Member]
Thanks Louise. I'm glad you two like the photos.
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In response to: Wedding of Hafiz & Rasyidah

IN [Visitor]
so lovely. I'm still new with digital photography. I hope that I can learn a lot from this blog. really inspiring pictures.
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In response to: Wedding of Christopher & Rena

Darren Tan [Member]
I am blushing :oops:
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Christopher [Visitor]
Great shots and beautiful pictures... as usual from you Darren.
Thank you for the service and great work done by you... no words to describe our emotion when we look at the pictures... simply superb... our whole family were astonished with your shots.:O0
I never seen this word used perfectly.. a picture is worth a thousand words, untill we saw your pictures...
From the day we saw your work, whenever anybody ask to us to recommend a photographer, we only will refer to you... nobody else! I think few of them have contacted you already..:p
Thank you again Darren... really appreciate the memorable pictures you have given us...
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In response to: Wedding of Leonard & Louise

Louise [Visitor]
Thank you so much Darren & Alex! We love all the photos, you guys were punctual and very professional, we definitely will not hesitate to recommend MagicalShots to everyone we know =)
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In response to: Wedding of Poovan & Meera

kumaran [Visitor]
nice couple.......
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In response to: Wedding of Jordan & Sharon

ay SAM [Visitor]
hi, Daren,

your photo is so lively, colorful when i surf the photography blog. I just wonder how you can catch the decisive moment. Hope to see more of your photo in the near future.

Still not late to wish you Happy Chinese New Year.

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In response to: April Fool's Day

vshu [Visitor]
seems like jie jie is more excited
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In response to: School Holiday

vshu [Visitor]
wow, long time never see her already. Getting taller now
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In response to: Nikon D3, 24-70 f2.8, 14-24 f2.8

dwijadas [Visitor]
I have got 2 lens so far,waiting for D700 replacement to be announced

Hope to join you after you shoot my wedding

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In response to: Wedding of Derence & Elaine

Leinar [Visitor]
Nice shots! magnificent!
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In response to: Wedding of Arvin & Shini

Darren Tan [Member]
Oops... so sorry about that :(

I hope my photos can do the talking. :p
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In response to: Wedding of Arvin & Shini

suba T [Visitor]
how sad.. the only nice thing that u could remember of the wedding and couple was the food in ipoh that u missed... I'm sure you have nicer things to talk abt this lovely couple...

- Bride's Bestie
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In response to: Wedding of Jasmit & Amy

Darren Tan [Member]
MaanVision: You're very very welcome :D

Veshalini: Thanks Veshalini

JS: My pleasure..beautiful things are meant to be shared

Premjit: Thank you for your compliment and you're very much welcome..
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Premjit [Visitor]
Amazing and mind blowing shots. Can't wait to see the whole works. Great job done Darren. Thank You once again.
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JS Chong [Visitor]
As usual, very beautiful and extra details of every single moment. Thanks for sharing as this kind of wedding is rare in East M'sia.
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In response to: Wedding of Jasmit & Amy

Veshalini Ragu [Visitor]
superb shots wedding rituals
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In response to: Wedding of Jasmit & Amy

MaanVision Mv [Visitor]
The photos are awesome bro.... Very very very Excellent job done!!! Thanx A lot Darren.... C you soon at our next family wedding... Hepi Diwali...
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In response to: Wedding of Chee Wooi & Siew Fang

Darren Tan [Member]
Thanks Eduard :)
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In response to: Wedding of Chee Wooi & Siew Fang

Eduard Ciobota [Visitor]
Superb pictures you have here, all magical shots. Added to my favorites wedding photographer. Keep up the good work. All the good things from Romania. &#59;)
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In response to: Wedding of Nilesh & Vimala

Darren Tan [Member]
ohhh.. thanks for the clearance..ahah.. was scratching my head raw :p

You're so welcome's my pleasure ^^
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In response to: Wedding of Nilesh & Vimala

Vimala [Visitor]
Its a Gujarati wedding hence the Garba night(something similar to punjabi sangeet night but as you said without the alcohol) hehe..

As we have told you before..AWESOME WORK..we couldn't have been happier with our wedding shots...

From the bottom of our hearts..THANK YOU!!!
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In response to: Nicky & Jane (Pre-Wedding)

connie [Visitor]
fantastic shots! Proud of you
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In response to: Nicky & Jane (Pre-Wedding)

Wee Seng [Visitor]
Hey .. seems to be a very interesting set of pre wedding photos..Way to go man !!
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In response to: Nicky & Jane (Pre-Wedding)

ooi szee yen [Visitor]
Didnt know that you are also one of the photographer. Nice job friend.
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In response to: Wedding of Bala & Mayhala

Thank you very much for the excellent job, your photos are simply awesome and the videography by Wilson was superbly done. We are indeed blessed, we thank God for introducing Darren & Wilson to us.

We are magicalshots fans for life, any function in our house will not be complete without Darren's presence, if I need to change the date to fit in your schedule, I'll do it....

May god bless you and your charming family with good health and prosperity always.

To Wilson, all the very best in your undertakings, you have no idea how happy we are with your videography work. Excellent job, May god bless you with all the very best in life...

Please let us know if you're in town, we'd love to take you out for a nice dinner, with Darren of course....

Darren and Wilson's teamwork is simply amazing.

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In response to: Jayakumar & Barani's Engagement

cofbkomc [Visitor]
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