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Wedding of Derence & Elaine

September 21st, 2010
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer

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The groom and I has almost an identical name, Derence and Darren. So I spent half the day mistakenly turning my head to people calling for Derence and since he's the spotlight of the day, you can imagine how many people or time his name was called and everytime I thought it's me. Eventually I got fed up and shut my name recognition function till I even ignored my own name when called by Derence..hahaha..blurred. Now, more bout the wedding. It was held in a very beautiful church in the centre of KL city. The surrounding was so serene despite the hustle and bustle of KL traffic madness. A very easy going morning whereby everyone just got themselves ready and head for the church. Yeah, without the game session. Ain't Derence a lucky man. Although they forego the game session, but did have the chinese tea ceremony after the church wedding to pay respect and receive blessings from relatives for their blissful union.