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Happy Varisha Piraippu & Vaisakhi

April 14th, 2010
Wedding Photographer Malaysia
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

To all my Hindu and Sikh friends as well as clients. My earnest on this day, that your day be full of happiness, your heart be full of peace, and your life be full of blessings. May the coming year be filled with glad tidings for you. Have a great Varisha Piraippu & Vaisakhi day.

Let's go, Daddy

April 9th, 2010
Wedding Photographer Malaysia
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

My daughter is all ready for her trip to Hong Kong. Everytime she sees aeroplane in the sky, she'll be very amazed by the flying machine. We've been telling her that we'll take a plane to pay Mickey a visit. Let's see what will be her response when she board the plane..ahaha..

This will be a family trip. Hence. I will not be able to attend to any correspondence till next Tuesday. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai

February 13th, 2010
Wedding Photographer Malaysia
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

It has been "3" years since I started this blog to document my photography journey and still doing. At times, it's quite difficult for me to type my thoughts as I'm not a diary person. Yet, the uniqueness and interesting moments of every wedding kept me going. Now the bull has charged off the year and comes the tiger. So let us welcome the roaring tiger with great health, abundance wealth and stupendous happiness. Happy Chinese New Year and have a safe holiday. Rooaaarrrr


Darren Tan's International Contest Winning Photos

September 30th, 2009
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
Accolade of Excellence WPPI 2012 16x20 Print Competition - (Wedding Photojournalism Category) I was about to frame only the little girl in the picture..however, a quick glance change my mind as expressions from the rest of the bridesmaid complemented the whole picture better.
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
2nd Place WPPI 2011 Second Half Contest - (Landscape / Nature Category) Woke up early in the morning and drove in total darkness up a windy road to the peak of Cameron Highland for one reason, to capture the sunrise. I took 9 shots to create this photo. The serene and peaceful view is simply breath taking.
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
20th Place WPJA 2010 Q3 Contest - (Bride Getting Ready Category) I was beside the bride with 50mm f1.4 attached with my camera. The make-up artist decided to align her veil. Without wasting much time, I took a few steps back and took the shot . The bride's hand covering her lips to prevent staining her veil complemented the shot.
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
18th Place WPJA 2010 Quater 1 Contest - (Toasting/Speeches Category)Perfect couple, one left handed and the other right handed holding the glass. At first, I wanted to focus on the couples expression, but the mic they are holding is a bit distracting. The details of the glass caught my attention, so I decide to focus at the glass, wide open aperture.
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
17th Place WPJA 2009 Quater 3 Contest - (Reception Category) By just focusing on the two guys, the photo would be too plain. To include the spectators leg in the photo, I have to take the photos at high point and I have to do it fast. Don't have enough time to find a chair, using my widest lens I have, at 14mm, lifted my camera high above my head and took the shot.


WPJA Wedding Photojournalist Association is an International professional organization composed of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world. WPJA only grants membership to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the industry--photographers who focus solely on using their photography skills in documenting weddings. Qualified members hold industry-leading standards, skills and business integrity. What sets WPJA members apart in the industry is their candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography.


Link: Darren Tan's WPJA Page


WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, is the leading wedding photography association. WPPI is devoted to the special interests and needs of wedding and portrait photographers. WPPIonline is the premiere source for photography tips, strategies, news and photography gear reviews for professional wedding photographers. WPPI's mission is to improve the craft and quality of wedding & portrait photography & to enhance the overall skill levels of WPPI members. WPPI host one of the largest professional photography trade show & convention yearly in Las Vegas.


Link: Darren Tan's WPPI 2011 Second Half Competition Result

Nikon D3's little brother

August 14th, 2009
Nikon D700
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

I just got a new companion for my D3, a D700 to replace my D200. I uses 2 cameras when I am on event assignment and this D700 will serve as the 2nd camera with telephoto lens fitted on.

Featured in Shaadi Magazine

July 24th, 2009
Shaadi Magazine
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

Photos of Ganesh and Santia's wedding were requested by Doodle Studio (Magicalshots associate partner) to be featured in Shaadi Indian Bridal Magazine's latest issue. Doodle Studio ( was their official videographer during the event and they've done a very well video footage for this newly wed couple. The magazine could be obtain now at any book store.

Link: The article in Shaadi Magazine
Link: Ghanesh & Santia's Wedding Gallery


Here Comes The Golden Ox

January 19th, 2009
Lion Dance
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

Goodbye Rat, welcome Ox.. Hopefully the Golden Ox will charge up the country's economy, giving everyone a more prosperous year ahead. Just like all auspicious wishes, everything must be good..eheh.. so good life, good fortune, good luck and more importantly... Good Health. Happy Holiday, Gong Xi Fa Chai. :))

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2008
Christmas 2008
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas. It's time of the year again. Streets and shopping complexes beautifully decorated with lights, snow flakes, silver bells and even reindeer in giant glass ball. The atmosphere is ever so joyious which usher us in holiday mood automatically. Although it has been a very busy time for me, neverthless, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas..Ho Ho Ho

New Year ... New Package

December 4th, 2008

New Year is just round the corner. As the year draws closer to the end, we can lift our spirits high as we will be in a round-and-round the corner festivities of Christmas and Chinese New Year. Wow!! How time flies. In another 27 days, I'll be closing the booking for 2008 package and launch the new package price for year 2009, right on the dot of 1.1.09

Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best as you close 2008 and usher in 2009.

Bye Bye Sitiawan

November 16th, 2008

Wedding Photographer Malaysia

I had a good sleep yesterday night (haha, I always do, after a tiring day). :P Thank you Siew Hong & Tat Mun for providing me the accomodation.
Heading back home now... can't wait to see my daughter, my son... and of course.. my lovely wife..&#59;D Hahaha... Bye Bye Sitiawan.