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Wedding of Kamalanathan & Jamunah

July 12th, 2012
International Award Winning Wedding Photogrpaher
International Award Winning Wedding Photogrpaher

Link: Kamalanathan & Jamunah's Wedding Gallery

Wedding is one of the most important time of our life whereby we spent uncounted time and effort to make sure everything perfect and according to our own choice as well. That's how Kamalanathan and Jamunah felt for their special day. They surveyed a few wedding planners, videographer and photographer to choose the one which they like best and even hand picked their wedding ornaments just to make sure there's no room for any mistakes and flaws. However, I was only told of all these details when I was delivering their photo album. Phew~~ lucky me else I'll be very pressured during the assignment. :>> Am glad they like their photos and the finishing touch. &#59;)

Wedding of Jason Yee & Pei Yee

September 15th, 2011

Link: Jason & Pei Yee's Wedding Gallery

This is my first time sharing wedding montage on my blog. What so special bout it? During our meet up, I was told about their tight schedule during their wedding day and was asked if I can manage to squeeze out a montage of the day for their wedding reception.Well, how tight is their schedule? Morning session in Ipoh and planned to depart for KL after noon. The journey will take bout 3 hours. Then continue with the photography session on the groom's side. So, I probably have bout 1.5 or 2 hours max before the reception starts. Hmmm... how is it possible. Can it be done? However, I took it as a challenge but it's also kinda risky. So I told them i'll try my very best and we'll see how.

Now, am back from the assignment. PHEW... As planned, we departed from Ipoh about 12.30pm and that's when i started preparing the first half of the montage during the journey at the back of my car. Luckily, no car sickness symptom and also got to credit this moment to my Macbook's long lasting battery as well. The moment we arrived at the groom's place, I was back on photography session again. Once done, I continued with the second half of the montage. As crazy as it sounds, this montage was done in the nick of time. The whole day was so full of adrenaline and it's definately fun. Most of all, it was made possible. Hope you enjoy the montage too.

Wedding of Arvin & Shini

October 7th, 2010
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Link: Arvin & Shini's Wedding Gallery

This is another wedding held in Ipoh. This time I did not made a mad rush up north but rather an early morning trip there. Talking about Ipoh, I've made many trips there for wedding assignment purposes. Although I'm there over 10 times, I am still not familiar with the food heaven town as I'm there for assignment and back home after. So, no time for sightseeing as well..hahaha..Nevertheless, going to drop by the famous "kai see hor fun" rice noodle with shredded chicken and "nga choi kai" bean prout with blanched chicken. There are many blogs about this famous dishes in Ipoh and it's really not something to be miss ...slurppp~~


Wedding of Gunalan & Chiou Peng

June 29th, 2010
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Link: Gunalan & Chiou Peng's Wedding Gallery

Sometimes it really amazed me of how wonderful Malaysian can be. Let's take this harmonious nuptial for example. Like any other Chinese wedding, the groom has to go through some tests ,usually games, in order to win his bride's hand. No exceptional for Guna :D The best part was Guna's parents welcomed Chiou Peng to the family with the Chinese tea ceremony and everyone in the family participated with much glee. And during the night, they completed their nuptial by going through the Indian customary. Isn't it blissful &#59;)

Wedding of Orlson & Christina

February 7th, 2010
Wedding Photographer Malaysia
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

Superman? A-Go-Go-man? Bananaman(although he did hang a bunch of banana around his waist upon the bridesmaids' request)? No. It's Super-Chef-Valention-Groom in action trying hard to win his bride's heart. This bunch of bridesmaids' are really full of tricks. I've met them in Eric and Christine's as well as Lucas & Kai's wedding. And they had artistically and skillfully choreographed all different types of games to test the guys. :icon_pray

Link: Orlson & Christina's Wedding Gallery

Wedding of Simon & Jazree

January 22nd, 2010
Wedding Photographer Malaysia
Wedding Photographer Malaysia

Simon rented a house in Ipoh as he's from Singapore to "bring his bride home" following chinese wedding custom. Other than it's kai-see-hor-fun or shredded chicken meat noodle, Ipoh is also famous for it's fully equiped house for rent. Normally, these houses are rent for special occasions like wedding so that whole group of relatives can stay together and felt very much like home. This time round, I stayed at Jazree's place. Her Mum is one bubbly and friendly person whereby everyone felt as bubbly just being with her..ahahha..and not to mention the great hospitality extended by her too. Thank you Auntie :)

Link: Simon & Jazree's Wedding Gallery