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Kirat & Gurpreet's Engagement

September 25th, 2011
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Link: Kirat & Gurpreet's Engagement Gallery

Since Gurpreet is working in overseas, hence, all the engagement preparation were handled by his elder sister, Sukhy. I remembered receiving Sukhy's SOS email asking for videographer's contact, as the one she intended to engage accidently release the date to some other client. Nevertheless, she found one for the engagement. I have done a few Punjabi's Wedding & Engagement. One thing I notice they have in common is that, family & friends really take part in the event. Either in preparation, decoration, and even performances e.g dancing. All these personal touches make the wedding/engagement very much more meaningful. Now that the engagement is done, next is the Big Wedding.

Wedding of Jason Yee & Pei Yee

September 15th, 2011

Link: Jason & Pei Yee's Wedding Gallery

This is my first time sharing wedding montage on my blog. What so special bout it? During our meet up, I was told about their tight schedule during their wedding day and was asked if I can manage to squeeze out a montage of the day for their wedding reception.Well, how tight is their schedule? Morning session in Ipoh and planned to depart for KL after noon. The journey will take bout 3 hours. Then continue with the photography session on the groom's side. So, I probably have bout 1.5 or 2 hours max before the reception starts. Hmmm... how is it possible. Can it be done? However, I took it as a challenge but it's also kinda risky. So I told them i'll try my very best and we'll see how.

Now, am back from the assignment. PHEW... As planned, we departed from Ipoh about 12.30pm and that's when i started preparing the first half of the montage during the journey at the back of my car. Luckily, no car sickness symptom and also got to credit this moment to my Macbook's long lasting battery as well. The moment we arrived at the groom's place, I was back on photography session again. Once done, I continued with the second half of the montage. As crazy as it sounds, this montage was done in the nick of time. The whole day was so full of adrenaline and it's definately fun. Most of all, it was made possible. Hope you enjoy the montage too.

Wedding of Melman & Alice

September 2nd, 2011
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer
International Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Link: Melman & Alice's Wedding Gallery

Early in the morning, Alice and her bridesmaids were busy preparing and planning how to "welcome" the groom and his entourage. They weren't very mean as part of it was to treat the men with ribena squirted from a perforated bra "yum-yum" till it came to the disgusting one whereby they have to eat some jelly topped with mustard from a disposable diaper. That's from "yum-yum" to "yuck-yuck". The game session was held at the corridor infront of the serviced suit. Naturally, the crowd created quite a ruckus during the game session. And therefore came a Korean couple complaining bout the noise. Ohh what a wet blanket. Nevertheless, the fun went on without interruption as we moved into the suit and continued making lots of noise...hehehe